Paul R. Dillinger I Am Paul R. Dillinger

Web developer since '94, my experience spans nearly all aspects of the web. PHP, HTML5, CSS, SEO, PPC, and all sorts of other acronyms, abbreviations, and fancy stuff...

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I remember when HTML didn't have any numbers behind it, and what the web was like before Internet Explorer. I began using PHP3 when it was brand spanking new, and I've used nearly all versions since. Currently I typically use PHP 5.5+ and various JavaScript frameworks for interactivity.

Programming / Frameworks

  • PHP : YES Laravel
  • JavaScript : YES jQuery, Node.js, Ember.js, React
  • Python : YES Django
  • OOP : YES Objects wherever practical
  • MVC : YES
  • Unit Testing : YES Typically phpspec, but I have the concepts down and can work with anything
  • Others : Info. Used but not preferred


  • MySQL : YES MariaDB whenever possible
  • PostgreSQL : YES
  • SQLite : YES
  • MongoDB : YES
  • Others : Info. Used but not preferred


  • HTML : YES I started writing HTML in 1994 before HTML 2.0, but now I use HTML5 whenever possible
  • CSS : YES I remember the days before CSS. IE3 blew my mind. CSS3 is my norm these days
  • Mobile / Responsive : YES Supporting all browsers since before it was cool
  • Photoshop : YES When it can't be done with pure CSS.
  • Flash : Info. I stay away from flash these days, but I have a copy and know how to use it when needed
  • Boilerplate : Info. Sometimes I use HTML5 Boilerplate and Bootstrap


  • HTML : YES Clean easy to read HTML is fast HTML
  • CSS : YES I write tight CSS for optimal performance
  • PHP : YES Cache as much as possible, and never stop testing
  • Python : YES For the things PHP is not good at, python is typically better
  • JavaScript : YES AJAX all the things, and server side processing of assets
  • NGINX : YES My webserver of choice when you need to serve things quickly
  • Apache : YES .htaccess is my old friend, but I'll go right for the core config if possible

SEO / Marketing

Started calling it SEO in 2006. Before that I called it building and promoting web sites the right way.

Organic (SEO)

  • Highly Competitive Keywords : YES Top ranking for Google AdWords competition scores of 0.97 and 0.98 and cost per click exceeding $100
  • Local / Paces / Citations: YES
  • White Hat : YES
  • Grey / Black Hat : Info I keep up to date ;)

Conversion Optimization

  • Formal Training : YES Landing Page Optimization and Online Testing via MECLABS
  • Landing Page Copywriting : YES
  • Organic Title / Description Optimization : YES
  • Form / Lead Generation Optimization : YES

Social Media

Pay Per Click

Proper optimization and management of pay-per-click campaigns should pay for itself.

PPC Management

  • Highly Competitive Keywords : YES Cost over $100 per click
  • Large campaigns : YES Single site over $700,000 per month
  • Google AdWords : YES
  • Bing Ads : YES
  • Managing Complex Campaigns : YES
  • Fixing / Performance Tuning Campaigns : YES


I've been all over the IT world.

Hardware / Software / Networking

  • A+ Certified : YES
  • Windows : YES My preferred
  • Linux : YES Ubuntu is my second choice OS for home, but first for development
  • Mac OSX : YES I much prefer Linux, but I can make this work as well
  • Other Operating Systems : Info old school like DOS, Windows 3.1+, Windows Server (NT4+). I haven't used BSD in years, but I'm sure I could manage.
  • Networking : Info Desktop, Routers, LANs, WANs, CSU/DSU, Firewalls, and more.
  • Programming : Info I've use a lot over the years: BASIC, Pascal, C, Perl, VB6, PHP, Javascript, Python, and probably others.

Other Skills

  • Help Desk Management : YES
  • Outsource Management : YES
  • Technical Training: YES
  • Technical Documentation: YES


You can take a look at my GitHub, but most of my code is private. Contact me for current examples.

Personal Interests

I like things. I have a family. I am human. Not a robot. Move along. Nothing more to see here.